Solar Heat Europe welcomes NewHeat as its new member

Solar Heat Europe welcomes NewHeat as its new member

Solar Heat Europe is thrilled to welcome its new member NewHeat, a company playing an important role in our sector, providing solar and recovery heat for large heat consumers.

About NewHeat:

NewHeat provides solar heat for large consumers (industrial processes, district heating and heated greenhouses) “as a service”. NewHeat designs, develops, finances, builds and operates solar thermal plants next to its customers’ sites and delivers energy under a Heat Purchase Agreement (HPA). Consumers save and stabilize their energy costs, decrease their CO2 emissions with no investment needed. Founded in 2015, NewHeat operates a first production unit supplying heat to a paper mill of the Lecta Group in Condat (France). Commissioned in January 2019, it is to date the largest solar thermal plant for industrial processes in Europe with a total capacity of 3,4 MWth and the world’s first FPC plant using solar trackers. NewHeat has also 5 projects under construction, for a total additional capacity of 38 MWth.

For more information, watch the Condat solar thermal plant video or visit You can also find NewHeat on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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