100% RHC EVENT 2023 – The RHC ETIP Annual Conference

100% RHC EVENT 2023 – The RHC ETIP Annual Conference

The European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC-ETIP) launches the date for its upcoming annual conferenceTowards 100% renewable energy-based heating and cooling in Europe: A secure energy supply in times of crisis”.

The conference will be held on the 25th of May in Torino, Italy. It will feature political and technical panel discussions, presentations on different renewable and heating technologies, and an Italian national roundtable. The national roundtable discussion, to be held in the afternoon, will offer a closer look at the country’s perspective on RHC.

The details of the event and the agenda will be communicated soon on the RHC-ETIP website and social media channels.

Additionally, the RHC-ETIP conference will be preceded by the International Euroheat & Power Congress, which will take place on the 23rd and 24th of May in Torino, and which will look into the most promising pathways for District Heating & Cooling to play its part in solving the global energy & climate crisis. The RHC-ETIP is looking forward to creating synergies by holding its conference back-to-back with the Euroheat & Power Congress, offering a prime opportunity for energy stakeholders to join both valuable events.

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