Solar Heat Europe welcomes Heliac as its new member

Solar Heat Europe welcomes Heliac as its new member

At Solar Heat Europe, we advocate for heat decarbonisation with direct renewable heat solutions such as solar heat. It represents one of the fastest and most affordable ways of reaching a sustainable energy system, namely considering that heat accounts for half of the energy consumed in Europe.

Our activities are done with and empowered by our members. Therefore, we are thrilled to welcome a new member, Heliac, an innovative company from Denmark focused on concentrated solar heat applied at large scale for industrial processes and district heating. Heliac has developed an innovative and promising approach to concentrated solar heat. We welcome Heliac in our network and we look forward to strengthen the sector’s voice and impact together!

About Heliac:

Heliac produces concentrated solar heat for industrial process heat and district heating. The heat is supplied at temperatures up to 180C. Heliac uses transparent micro-structured Fresnel lenses to concentrate sunlight the same way magnifying glasses do. The company is based north of Copenhagen in Denmark, where it employs 45 people.

’Industrial process heat below 200C consumes 10% of global energy demand. In Heliac, we see this segment as an immense but largely overlooked opportunity to make good business while helping big corporates decarbonize their processes.

The opportunity is much bigger than what any existing company in the solar thermal industry can address alone, so we very much believe in collaborating through Solar Heat Europe to increase awareness and visibility in relation to customers, investors, and politicians.’’ – Jakob Jensen, Commercial Director, Heliac

Learn more about Heliac:

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