The 2021 edition of the 100% RHC Event

The 2021 edition of the 100% RHC Event

The Renewable Heating and Cooling European Technology and Innovation Platform held its annual 100% RHC conference online on October 28th with the involvement of 17 high-level speakers and more than 130 participants.

Philippa Nuttall Jones, the environment and sustainability editor for the New Statesman and master of ceremony for the occasion, guided participants through the sessions for the day, beginning with a keynote speech by RHC ETIP chair Marco Calderoni and the presentation of the Deployment and Innovation report by Andrej Mišech (EUREC).

The presentation of the report was followed by two panel sessions with external experts and representatives of the Horizontal Working Groups (HWG) tackling buildings, cities, industries, and districts.

The first panel session focused on the state of the art and future of RHC sectors with Jack Corscadden (Euroheat&Power) as moderator and Maria João Carvalho (HWG Buildings), Gerhard Stryi-Hipp (HWG Cities), Miika Rama (VTT) as panellists. The second panel session brought forward discussions about the innovative technology developments with Reghina Dumitrisina (EGEC) as moderator and Christoph Brunner (HWG Industries), Giorgio Bonvicini (HWG Distritcs), Giulia Zendron (W4RES) as panellists.

The last part of the conference included the national roundtable “The Spanish Perspective” moderated by Javier Urchueguía. Margarita de Gregorio (GEOPLAT & BIOPLAT), José Luis Corrales Ciganda (TECNALIA), Pascual Polo (ASIT), Ignacio Arenales Saul (ADHAC), and Alberto Ferradas (Ecoforest) joined the discussion about challenges and opportunities in the renewable heating and cooling sector in Spain.

The recording of the event and the presentations are now available online.

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