Simmering district heating

Simmering district heating

Water heating network in Vienna 

The main power plant in Simmering in Vienna’s 11th district is divided in two district heating production units: Simmering 1 (in operation since 2008), and Simmering 2 (commissioned in 1978 and modified in 2009) in a 68 m high boiler house building. The facility is operated by Wien Energie. The replenishment station permanently replenishes the water losses occurring in the district heating primary network with treated network water (demineralized water). The storage tank for the demineralized water is located in the stack of the power plant unit, and the waste gases are fed into the stack above the storage tank. The solar thermal plant, erected on the roof of the boiler house in 2018, is used to preheat the treated network water.

Collectors area: 656 m2

Type of collectors: flat plate (GREENoneTEC)

Other energy sources: waste gas

Installation year: 2018

Location: Austria

Picture source: GREENoneTEC (sent internally)

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