Helios project

Helios project

Storage project in Graz

In 2017, Energie Graz implemented the HELIOS project in cooperation with the city of Graz and Holding Graz to start the construction of a solar thermal collector field (planned to be extended to 10 000 m2) and a district heating storage tank connected to the municipal district network. In peak load operation, the storage facility allows to increase the thermal capacities from 3.5 MW to 10 MW. Landfill gas is fed into the CHP and waste heat is fed into the thermal storage system. The integration of a heat pump is being considered for the future to increase the efficiency of the system.

HELIOS is coordinated with other industrial waste heat extraction systems and can absorb the excess heat from the grid. The project, achieved in 2019, helps to reduce the use of peak-load boiler systems and the primary energy source, here natural gas.

Collectors area: 2 000 m2

Type of collectors: flat plate (Arcon Sunmark HTHEATstore)

Other energy sources: municipal district heating network, landfill gas, waste heat

Storage: 2 500 m3 tank

Installation year: 2019

Location: Austria

Picture source: AEE INTEC (sent internally)

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