Villach city

Villach city

Micro heating network in Austria

The construction of a micro-grid for the heating and hot water supply of 14 houses was finished in 2018 in the city of Villach in the Landskron district. The residential units are equipped with underfloor heating and fresh water charging modules, which made it possible to design the micro-grid as a low-temperature one (from 30°c to 60°c). The heat supply is provided by a solar thermal system in connection with 2 energy storage units with a total storage volume of 68 m3. The collectors were installed on 6 roofs and fed into one of the 2 storage tanks depending on the temperature level. The municipal district heating and a water-to-water heat pump bring a thermal output of 149 kW. Any surpluses from the large-scale solar plant can be fed back into the micro-district heating network.

Collectors area: 970 m2

Other energy sources: 149 kW heat pump, 2 MW large-scale district heating

Type of collectors: flat plate (TiSUN)

Storage: 2×34 m3

Installation year: 2018

Location: Austria

Picture source: asteenergy (see link)

Link (DE)

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