European Solar Thermal Technology Panel

European Solar Thermal Technology Panel

The European Solar Thermal Technology Platform (ESTTP) was launched by ESTIF, now Solar Heat Europe, in 2005, at the 2nd European Solar Thermal Energy Conference (estec2005) and became part of the RHC-ETIP, after its establishment.

The ESTTP consists of 19 elected Steering Committee members and over 500 individual Panel members and has 3 focus groups:

  1. Solar thermal systems for buildings
  2. Solar heat for industrial applications
  3. Market deployment, strategy and scenario development

Solar Heat Europe is the Secretariat for the ESTTP, coordinating efforts towards a common Solar Thermal strategy and vision by organizing meetings, conferences, networking events, consultations, researches and developing resources and publications relying the Panel and communicating to the European policy makers the common Solar Thermal vision.

The ESTTP published and regularly updates the “Solar Heating and Cooling Technology Roadmap” and the “Strategic Research Priorities for Solar Thermal Technology”. The Roadmap defines research topics and related measures in order to influence the decisions of the European Commission regarding solar thermal research.

In the recently updated Strategic Research Priorities”, the Panel identified three pathways:

  • The development of solar compact hybrid systems (SCOHYS) to reduce the solar heat costs by 50% until 2020;
  • Technological improvements in Solar Active Houses (SAH) as an attractive option to fulfil the requirements of nearly zero energy buildings;
  • The development of systems supplying solar heat for industrial processes (SHIP).

If you are interested to become a member of the ESTTP and provide your opinion and expertise in order to shape the EU’s future research and innovation priorities, do not hesitate to contact directly Solar Heat Europe or fill-in the application form:

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