Solar Heat Europe welcomes Akotec as its new member

Solar Heat Europe welcomes Akotec as its new member

At Solar Heat Europe, we strive for the growth of solar heat solutions in Europe, and we do that together with our members. We are thrilled to welcome a new member, AKOTEC, a manufacturer of solar thermal heating systems based in Brandenburg, Germany. The company has been producing highly efficient solar thermal tube collectors since 2008 and sells them worldwide.

AKOTEC offers solutions for single-family and multi-family homes and supports the planning of commercial applications such as paint shops, hotels, and local and district heating networks. In 2019, AKOTEC received the Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Award for the development of the MEGA collector. The MEGA collector is a large-scale collector for CO²-free solar heat feed into local and district heating networks.

At AKOTEC, private builders, installers and dealers can purchase complete systems from the storage tank to the collector. The 100% German vacuum tube collectors stand for consistent performance, quality and safety over a period of more than 25 years. The full vacuum tube collectors are tested by TÜV and certified with the Solar Keymark.

AKOTEC is currently expanding its production hall by another 252 m². This will open new possibilities for the design and optimisation of production processes and the storage of preliminary and final products.

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