PVT, an innovative solar technology producing renewable heat and electricity

PVT, an innovative solar technology producing renewable heat and electricity

Solar Heat Europe invites you to an online event on December 13th to learn more about the Photovoltaic-Thermal (PVT) technology and its current impact on the energy transition.

To ensure a timely, affordable, and just energy transition all over Europe, authorities, industry, and citizens must come together and find the best solutions to make it happen. Although the Photovoltaic-Thermal (PVT) technology is new in the market, it has already been proven reliable and efficient in providing both renewable heat and electricity. This webinar will present the PVT technology and bring concrete examples of how it is being used today.


  • Korbinian S. Kramer, Head of Group Characterization, Testing and Quality Assurance, Fraunhofer ISE
  • Alois Resch, Research Project Manager and Assistant Professor, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
  • Marta Cañada, Chief Technical Officer at Abora Solar
  • Maria Zagorulko, Senior Development & Operations Engineer at Naked Energy
  • Laetitia Brottier, Co-founder and Head of Innovation and Research at DualSun

About PVT:

Photovoltaic – Thermal (PVT) collectors combine photovoltaic solar cells, which convert sunlight into electricity, with a solar thermal collector, which transfers the otherwise unused waste heat from the PV module to a heat transfer fluid. As such, the technology provides both renewable heat and renewable electricity, making it a potential game changer for a fast and affordable energy transition.


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