30 years of European action for Solar Heat – the campaign continues

30 years of European action for Solar Heat – the campaign continues

This year, Solar Heat Europe is celebrating its 30th anniversary. While celebrating 30 years of joint efforts at the European level together with our members from across Europe, we look forward to the impact solar heating & cooling can bring to a swift energy transition by 2030 and a decarbonised energy sector by 2050.

In June, we gathered in Brussels for a high-level policy event meant to highlight the importance of decarbonising the heating sector, which accounts for half of the energy used in Europe. Furthermore, we launched the Solar Thermal Roadmap – Energising Europe with Solar Heat, showcasing facts and figures about the solar heat industry and its potential to at least triple by 2030, providing clean and renewable heat to European cities and industries.

Download pictures from the high-level event that took place in Brussels: HERE

The 30th-anniversary campaign continues until the end of the year and upcoming activities include testimonials from the industry on the current state of the energy sector, flagship solar thermal applications and future ambition, as well as a Solar Heat Publication which will comprise the history of the sector and of the association, together with highlights from industry and its vision for the upcoming decades.

Solar Heat Europe invites its members, partners, and stakeholders to continue supporting the celebratory campaign by disseminating information about solar heat and increasing its visibility at European, national, and local levels.

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