2022, a celebratory year for the European Solar Thermal Sector

2022, a celebratory year for the European Solar Thermal Sector

Solar Heat Europe is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, marking an important milestone for the whole European solar thermal industry. Solar Heat Europe (SHE) is the common place and the voice of the sector, promoting cooperation of its stakeholders and defending its interest in Brussels. SHE has contributed to the development of this renewable energy sector in Europe, which has been contributing to a decarbonised energy sector for over three decades.

To mark this important event, we aim to celebrate past achievements, but more importantly, to look at the next 30 years and how the sector can play a key role in the energy transition, lowering emissions, and finally, achieving net-zero in 2050.

The decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector is crucial for the EU’s carbon neutrality plans, as heat is half of the energy we consume in Europe. While the importance of heat decarbonisation might be acknowledged on some level, we strongly believe the efforts to make it happen in a timely manner need to be dramatically increased. Member States need to do more and make proper use of the solutions available, such as solar thermal.

In this context, the European solar heat sector is ready to bring this topic into the spotlight during 2022, as well as to showcase the potential of solar heat for a faster transition for a more sustainable future.

To pursue these goals, Solar Heat Europe plans different activities as part of the 30th-anniversary campaign:

  • High Level Policy Event
  • Exhibition about Solar Heat
  • Gala Dinner
  • Solar Thermal Strategy
  • Media Campaign
  • Publication about the past and future of solar heat

The events are planned for June 20th, and they will be followed by SHE’s General Assembly. We invite you to save the date in your calendars and stay tuned for more information.

As previously mentioned, SHE’s 30th-anniversary campaign is not only about celebrating the past, but more importantly about looking at the next three decades and the contribution from solar thermal to a carbon-neutral energy panorama. In parallel, Solar Heat Europe is also working on the development of a Solar Thermal Industrial Strategy and a common contribution to the EU Solar Strategy. Also, for these actions, we aim to engage stakeholders from the solar thermal sector.

The celebration is also an opportunity for the European solar heat sector to come together and join efforts for a stronger impact. And it is with great pleasure, that we invite you to join us in this celebration!

The ‘Partners Booklet – SHE 30 years anniversary’ is now officially launched, and it can be accessed below. All actors from the solar thermal sector are invited to have a look, envision the celebration, and reach out to SHE’s Secretariat if interested to be involved directly in the campaign.

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