The ESTTP working on its brand-new Strategic Research Agenda

The ESTTP working on its brand-new Strategic Research Agenda

The European Solar Thermal Technology Panel (ESTTP) is working on its brand-new Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). The SRA is an update on the previous version published by the panel in 2012.

The RHC-ETIP technology panels are working on the revision of their research and innovation priorities, to showcase potential and existing gaps in the deployment of renewable heating and cooling solutions. The revised ESTTP SRA aims at defining new research topics based on what was already achieved in the solar thermal sector. The document highlights challenges and gaps in the further development of solar heating and cooling providing an overview of the state of the art and the latest market trends, as well as tackling three macro areas of priorities: technological improvement, system integration, and non-technical issues.

The identified research priorities will focus on all solar thermal systems, from buildings integration to large-scale district heating networks, from industrial heat applications to hybrid systems. The SRA will also include a chapter on the implementation of these priorities, bringing them into a quantifiable timeline and providing inputs in terms of required funding.

The SRA is currently under development, thanks to the work of the ESTTP steering committee and other solar thermal experts involved in the process. The consolidated version of the document is expected to be ready by the beginning of May. An open consultation will be then launched to collect additional inputs and finalise the content before the official publication.

The revised Strategic Research Agenda for the solar thermal sector is expected to be published in June. If you wish to contribute to its development, do not hesitate to reach out to

More information about other RHC technologies and the RHC-ETIP strategic documents are also available here

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