International Clean Energy Challenge

International Clean Energy Challenge

Irene di Padua, our Policy Officer, was selected to participate in the International Clean Energy Challenge. An event celebrated in the Austrian alps, during the last week of July by the ÖO ESV (ÖO Energiesparverband agency) the Upper Austria Energy Agency that gathered more than 60 young professionals from over 30 countries around the world.

During the week, 11 companies and research institutes including the ESV presented specific problems they are facing when dealing with the energy transition, with the objective of discussing new and innovative solutions to tackle them.

Encourage companies to join the energy transition

Solar Heat Europe was involved in dealing with one major issue for the agency, involving non energy-businesses in joining the transition. Among its services the ESV organises targeted consultations for individuals and enterprises, in order to promote concrete actions towards renewable and energy efficient solutions in the day-to-day business of the region. However, if these services proved to be effective with Austrian citizens, sadly companies don’t show the same interest.

For this reason, the challenge group developed a toolbox highlighting the benefits of switching to renewables as solar thermal and other measures to improve energy efficiency as: increase in productivity, improved working conditions, a better corporate image and, of course, financial returns.

This Benefits Manifesto was developed along a special B2B referral programme to encourage mid-sized businesses in the region to involve other companies in their local area or within their value chain (for example their suppliers).

Outlines: Benefits of Energy Transition for business
International Clean Energy Challenge_benefits of Energy Transition
Benefits Manifesto – International Clean Energy Challenge

Finally, the toolbox was promoted through a revised communication plan, including among other instruments, a set of viral videos involving opinion leaders.

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