EU’s State of the Energy Union shows insufficient ambition in H&C

EU’s State of the Energy Union shows insufficient ambition in H&C

On the 9th of April, the European Commission released its fourth report on the State of the Energy Union, a tool used to highlight and monitor the implementation of its key priorities during the current Juncker Commission. The report takes stock of the progress made towards building the Energy Union, and highlights the issues where further attention is needed.

The publication gathers a series of Commission reports and initiatives related to the Energy Union, as well as two annexes demonstrating the progress made in renewable energy and energy efficiency, and two communications, on the EU’s plan for batteries and on a new institutional framework for energy and climate policy by 2025.

Unfortunately, the progress in the development of renewable heating & cooling solutions does not meet our expectations. Additionally, electrification remains the main topic in the Commission’s agenda, despite the fact that demand for heating is twice the size the demand for electricity.

Solar Heat Europe, as part as the DecarbHeat initiative, will continue to raise awareness at EU level on the importance of Heating & Cooling. European climate and energy targets for 2030 and 2050 will not be reached without a real decarbonisation of the heating sector. DecarbHeat’s joint declaration to the State of the Energy Union can be read here.

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