Renewable Energy Directive – paving the path for implementation at national level

Renewable Energy Directive – paving the path for implementation at national level

Solar Heat Europe joined forces with key relevant stakeholders in Brussels and the EU, namely the renewable heating industry and the energy agencies, to tackle the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) implementation at the National level.

Heating and cooling represent 50% of the energy demand in Europe and 80% of the energy consumption in households. The decarbonisation of heating and cooling is essential to the decarbonisation of our energy sector. Most Member States are struggling to design strategies for the heating and cooling sector that are ambitious and effective enough to comply with the Renewables Directive, namely Article 23.

The purpose of the REDI4HEAT project is to support the implementation of the RED provisions on heating and cooling and assist the Member States and local authorities in that process. It will provide a better understanding of the shortcomings in current strategies and propose to address these with a set of recommendations, which shall include Strategic Policy Priorities for Heating and Cooling, Policy Adoption Scenarios, and best practices, among others.

These actions will be complemented by capacity building events in five target Members States (Croatia, Germany, Greece, Poland, and Portugal) and by the development of a Knowledge Sharing Platform and toolboxes for public authorities at the national, regional, and local levels.

On May 17th, Solar Heat Europe, in collaboration with the REDI4Heat consortium, held a webinar to discuss the outcome of the Fit For 55 Package for renewable heating and cooling; the recording of the webinar is available below.

For more information regarding the REDI4Heat project please visit the recently launched project website.

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