Promoting Solar Heat for Industrial Processes in Türkyie

Promoting Solar Heat for Industrial Processes in Türkyie

Solar Heat Europe participated on the 7th of April in one of the conferences organised during the Solarex Istanbul – International Solar Energy and Technologies Fair on the topic of “Solar Energy Opportunities and Activities to Drive the Clean Energy Transition and Green Economic Growth”.

Türkiye being one of the main markets for solar thermal worldwide, with an important manufacturing capacity, this event was an opportunity to promote the potential of solar thermal, in particular large scale solar thermal systems in this country. This event was an opportunity to bring together industry, researchers and academia interested in the topic of solar thermal energy systems.

The session, organised by ODTÜ-GÜNAM and ODTÜ-METU, with the support of European projects such as SolarHubSolarTwins, and CST4All, was dedicated to the topic European Perspectives on Emerging Market Opportunities for Solar Heat to Decarbonize Industrial Processes.

Solar Heat Europe was represented by our Policy Director Pedro Dias and other participants included representatives from industry and research institutions, such as Berenice Crabs, ESTELA; Serdar Hiçdurmaz, DLR; Ahmet Lokurlu, Soliterm Group and; Cem Vardar, Neu Solar.

The video of the conference and the presentation provided by SHE can be accessed below.

As for the exhibition, it was deemed a success. This is the only exhibition in Türkiye dedicated to solar energy, though the large majority of the exhibitors were focused on solar photovoltaics. It counted a total of 41 thousand visitors and 348 exhibitors, of which 97 were foreign.

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