Decarbonising District Heating: The case for Solar Thermal solutions

Decarbonising District Heating: The case for Solar Thermal solutions

The energy and climate crises point in one clear direction – a faster transition towards clean and renewable energy sources in heating. The size of the challenge is significant, but so are the related opportunities. Direct renewable heat solutions like solar heat are already replacing imported gas, notably through integration into District Heating and Cooling (DHC) infrastructures.

As part of the recently concluded Fit-for-55 package, the revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED III) sets an annual increase target of 2.2 percentage points for renewables in the district heating and cooling sector. How much can solar thermal contribute to reaching these objectives, and what is needed to unlock the potential of this efficient and low-tech energy source?

These crucial topics will be addressed during the 2023 edition of the Euroheat & Power Congress held in Turin, during the session Decarbonising District Heating: The case for Solar Thermal solutions on Wednesday, May 24th from 13:30 to 14:30. This session will showcase the latest Solar District Heating (SDH) flagship projects, featuring testimonials and discussions on the market landscape for solar thermal projects. The session will also explore the promising synergies between solar heat and DHC to further decarbonise buildings and industry.

The congress, which started yesterday, on May 22nd, aims to look into the most promising pathways for District Heating & Cooling to play its part in solving the global energy & climate crisis, spurring local change for global impact. The agenda incorporates also discussions on solar heat potential and recent developments in Solar District Heating, led by various solar thermal actors who support the congress.

Solar Heat Europe is glad to support Euroheat & Power as association partners for this edition.

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