Our Solartown

Our Solartown

The ongoing pandemic has affected the activities of the project Our Solar Town.  This is an ERASMUS+ project with partners in Austria (CAA, akaryon), Greece (KPE), and Slovenia (VseUk).

The project aims at enhancing the popularity of solar thermal plants, addressing pupils, aged from 10 to 14. The students will learn about the scientific and technical basics, legal and organisational processes, as well as they, will build their own solar thermal energy plant at school.

The pandemic is affecting the capacity to hold meetings and training in schools. Currently, the project partners are looking into ways of adapting the work to the new reality and the best way to implement the related learning units. In this context, the e-learning platform which is being developed will support in-class-units will be an important tool for teachers and students.

For more information about the project please check the following link Our Solartown or send us an email to info@solarheateurope.eu

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