Raising awareness on renewable energy and solar thermal with Our Solartown project

Raising awareness on renewable energy and solar thermal with Our Solartown project

The European project ‘Our Solartown’ through which Solar Heat Europe is raising awareness on climate change, renewable energy solutions, and solar thermal since 2018 has reached the end in December 2021. During its lifetime, the project aimed at building more visibility for topics such as climate change and the importance of renewable energy solutions in tackling the crisis current generations are facing, as well as enhancing the popularity of solar thermal and its benefits for a decarbonised society. The project addressed an audience formed by pupils aged from 10 to 14, that learned about the scientific and technical basics of solar thermal, as well as legal and organizational processes, the knowledge they used to build their own solar thermal system at school.

Even if the official end of the project has been reached already, the consortium agreed to continue the Award Framework for 2022, giving the possibility to new schools to join and enjoy the learning experience. Moreover, the different materials developed during the project, such as the process guides, teaching materials, and online courses can be further used by any entity interested in the topic, showing as such the long-term vision and potential impact of Our Solartown, which goes beyond the official timeline of the project. Some resources examples are the following:

Besides the educational resources developed for full implementation of the project, Our Solartown also created and made available awareness-raising content that can contribute to the knowledge of the general public on the focus topics of the project, such as videos explaining the solar thermal technology, or even a guide on how to build your own solar thermal system. Some of the examples can be found below:

All the materials developed by the consortium can be found on the project’s website or YouTube channel.

The project’s consortium consists in 5 organizations, Akaryon, The Environmental Education Center (K.P.E) Pertouliu-Trikkeon, VseUK Institute, Solar Heat Europe, and Climate Alliance Austria as project coordinator. Read more about the partners: https://solartown.eu/#partner

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