Editorial – Costas Travasaros

Editorial – Costas Travasaros

Dear Solar Heat Europe members,

We are launching this month the Solar Thermal Industry Pledge: Delivering a Green Recovery.

The Pledge is a declaration of our sector’s commitment to contribute to the fight against Climate change while promoting economic development in our communities and all over Europe.

All those committed with the points referred and with our sector are invited to become signatories.

Why should you become a signatory?

First of all, to demonstrate that you share this same commitment.  That also entails that the sector, be it manufacturers, planners, installers, service providers, research bodies and other institutes are willing to work harder than before, to invest more in production, sales, organization, export, in developing new products and technologies. In addition, are willing to be also an active player on the debate  about the Green Recovery, co-operating with the public authorities in developing and putting into practice measures for that facilitate the further deployment of solar thermal solutions.

Our sector can play a pivotal role, supporting energy saving efforts and the further uptake of different renewable technologies, towards hybrid solutions for heat and smart sector integration.

Secondly, you should also become a signatory in order to give strength to the message, to promote our realistic targets and raise awareness among decision makers that our sector, although underestimated, has a proven track-record and is already competitive in many areas of applications. Furthermore, we want to point out that we have the capacity to cope with a rapid market increase, stepping up production, distribution, and installation rates.

And all that based on European technology, labor and materials. Developing our internal market will assist our sector’s competitiveness and help to enhance its export potential.

Be a part of our pledge, be ready to further promote it and jointly become more relevant players in the Green Recovery.

Costas Travasaros, President of Solar Heat Europe

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