Press Release: Renewable heat as a key component of the EU energy systems integration strategy

Press Release: Renewable heat as a key component of the EU energy systems integration strategy

Solar Heat Europe welcomes the EU Commission communication on energy system integration and supports the acknowledgment of renewable direct heat and electrification as key sources for a successful decarbonisation strategy.

The document mentions the ambition of the EU Green Deal, which aims for a holistic integration of all sectors of the economy and highlights the importance of more circular energy systems in delivering these goals. Renewable technologies are already proven and effective on the ground, and this sector can contribute significantly to an integrated energy mix, offering sustainable solutions based on unlimited energy sources for the world of tomorrow.

“The strategy stresses that, to achieve an effective integration, direct renewable heat and electrification must come before other low-carbon or renewable fuels” says Pedro Dias, Secretary General of Solar Heat Europe. “This is a clear signal, showing how Europe cannot become climate neutral by 2050 without the contribution of direct heat solutions, such as solar thermal, coupled with other renewable sources” he added.

Solar Heat Europe recognises this Communication as an important step towards the energy transition, but it also regrets the lack of mentions to a European heat market considering the strategic importance of EU made technologies as solar thermal.

The heating and cooling sector represents 51% of final energy consumption in Europe and approximately 27% of EU carbon emissions, while in the European industry, heat represents more than 60% of energy use. Therefore, decarbonising this sector is crucial for European carbon neutrality goals and EU-made renewable heat solutions are key in making that happen.

Read the full document of the EU Commission here. 

About Solar Heat Europe:

Solar Heat Europe strives for the growth of solar heat solutions in Europe through different actions, such as advocating for better regulation or encouraging the EU policy makers to shape a fair context for heating and cooling solutions. With around 40 members in Europe, Solar Heat Europe represents directly or indirectly over 90% of the industry across the value chain.


Pedro Dias, Secretary General
Tel: +32 2 318 40 55

Alexandra Sutu, Communications Assistant
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