Hybrid systems in Spain

Hybrid systems in Spain

Self-sufficient energy house in La Hoya de Huesca  

Enedef started producing its first PVT systems Ecomesh in 2014 then Ecovolt, a non-covered unit, in 2018. Recently, the company implemented a pilot plant combining a PVT system and a heat pump.

This house in La Hoya de Huesca no longer pays electricity or gas bills and generates all of its energy from renewable sources. The photovoltaic installation with the battery storage supplies all of the electricity consumption, and the system of hybrid solar panels and biomass boiler cover space heating and water heating.

Collectors area: 20 m2

Type of collectors: hybrid solar panels ECOMESH

Other energy sources: 10xsolar photovoltaic panels (REC SOLAR), biomass boiler

Storage: 160L

CO2 savings: 4.568 kgCO2/year

Location: Spain

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