The big picture in the energy transition – launch of Agora Energiewende’s report

The big picture in the energy transition – launch of Agora Energiewende’s report

During its event in Brussels, the German association Agora Energiewende presented a report on the energy transition in Europe, stressing the benefits of this change and listing 10 concrete steps to take.

On 7 March, the German energy think tank Agora Energiewende presented its new report: “European Energy Transition in 2030: The Big Picture”. The study presents the result of an extensive analysis made all over Europe on the key challenges faced by the clean energy transition.

To develop the report, the researchers contacted energy experts, stakeholders and EU policy-makers and identified megatrends shaping the energy system, benefits from the energy transition and ten concrete political priorities.

From these political priorities, we can highlight: real action for 2030, state aids for a clean evolution, shadow price on carbon emissions, reducing emissions in the mobility sector and in particular in heavy transport and aviation, prioritise the energy transition in the new multi-annual financial framework (2021-2027).

The report dives into a cost-benefits analysis in the building sector, transport, power and industrial market, stressing how the EU can play a leading role in making this transition happen. To discuss the main findings of the report, the event gathered relevant personalities from the EU energy field including Sami Andoura (European Commission) and Claude Turmes (Minister for Energy and Spatial Planning in Luxembourg) as well as other relevant industrial stakeholders.

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