Boosting the competitiveness of EU Renewable Industries

Boosting the competitiveness of EU Renewable Industries

The Clean Energy Industrial Forum is an initiative gathering CEOs from RES industries all over Europe. The second high-level meeting took place in Brussels in March.

The Clean Energy Industrial Forum (CEIF) is a high-level meeting gathering CEOs from renewable industry in Europe. The idea of the meeting was developed after the launch of the Clean Energy Package, with the objective of developing recommendations to strengthen and boost the competitiveness of the European industry. Solar Heat Europe has been involved since the beginning of the forum, namely contributing to the task force supporting its work.

Following the first CEO meeting in January 2018, the task force developed some recommendations on competitiveness, innovation and trade, and decided to add a part on the topic of financing. The second meeting of the CEIF took place in Brussels on March 18th and Costas Travasaros, Solar Heat Europe’s president, attended it. In his intervention Mr Travasaros brought key issues for the debate focusing on SMEs and the challenges and risks linked to digitalization. Furthermore, he stressed the fact that over 90% of the products sold in Europe are of European origin, including components and that is a net exporter in other non-European markets such as Chile, China and North Africa. Finally, he mentioned how several trade opportunities are available, but more support is still needed for a stronger deployment of renewables.

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