Solar Heat Europe welcomes a new member: Absolicon

Solar Heat Europe welcomes a new member: Absolicon

Solar Heat Europe is thrilled to welcome its new member: Absolicon.

Absolicon Solar Collector is a Swedish company specialized on concentrated solar collectors. Absolicon’s research activities started in 2002, and it was established as a commercial company in 2007. The commercial sales comprise 20 installations on three continents in district heating, solar cooling and industrial applications.

The company has a strong research focus with the support of the Energimyndigheten (Swedish Energy Agency). Today, Absolicon is running the leading solar thermal research group in Sweden with research ranging from zero CO2 factories, basic material research on selective surfaces, degradation of solar materials and new collector designs. One result is the solar collector T160, the only parabolic solar thermal installation in the world to hold the Solar Keymark certification. The T160 is designed for large fields in district heating and for industries. For the district heating market, the T160 can be combined with flat plate collectors from other producers. For the industrial market, Absolicon offers heat and steam up to 160 ºC.

In 2019, Absolicon is set to manufacture a solar powered industrial evaporator as well. Today, Absolicon provides not only the parabolic trough T160 but also a complete production line capable to produce 100 000 m2 of solar concentrators per year. Two production lines has already been built, one in Sweden and one in China.

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