Call for task-force leaders

Call for task-force leaders

In order to promote a stronger involvement from members and ensure that the work of the task-forces meets the needs of the market, the Solar Heat Europe’s Board of Directors (BoD) has agreed, during its first meeting of 2019, to launch a call for task-force leaders.

The role of the task-force leader will be to coordinate the work of their task-force, including setting the agenda and leading the meeting, coordinate with Solar Heat Europe’s Secretariat regarding the preparation required before the meeting (including documentation) and follow-up actions. The task-force leaders will also have the cooperation of the BoD in the work of the task-force and in bringing to the Board any point for decision that may be required as a result of the discussions.

The time to be dedicated to this work will depend on the number of task-force meetings during the year and how active the task-force aims to be. Usually, there are two meetings per year of an approximate duration of 2 hours. These will be online meetings.

The task-forces that will operate during 2019 are:

  • Task-force on Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP)
  • Task-force on Solar District Heating
  • Task-force on PVT collectors (*)
  • Task-force on Solar Cooling (*)

(*) In this case, experts taking part of the task-force may come from entities that aren’t yet members of Solar Heat Europe.

Those interested in leading the referred task-forces may express their interest to, until 15th March 2019.

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