A farewell to Geoffroy Cazenave

A farewell to Geoffroy Cazenave

It is always a bittersweet feeling to say goodbye to those that have worked in our organisation. Obviously, I am glad that they move on with their careers and personal lives and particularly proud when the experience in Solar Heating and Cooling has helped them in their next step.

On the other hand, and particularly being such a small team, having someone like Geoffroy departing entails a loss of expertise, of organisation’s memory, disrupting the work that is being done. The motivation for such renewal comes from taking stock of all the good things that he brought to our organisation, giving me hope that new people can also lend us new ideas, help us in new achievements.

Geoffroy has left a unique legacy in the organisation, as he was the person behind our new corporate image and the implementation of the rebranding process, including the development of the new website.

These are just some of the more visible takeaways from his two years within our team. Geoffroy has contributed much more to our work. Being a very cultivated person, he brought a broader perspective to different discussions. Being eager to learn and develop professionally, he was always striving to improve and take the best from each experience. Having a positive attitude, he was always looking into the optimistic spin in each challenge.

We’ll remain thankful for his work and wishing him the best for his new challenge, in a new job and a new country.

À bientôt et bon courage !

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