A lunchtime discussion with Director General Dominique Ristori

A lunchtime discussion with Director General Dominique Ristori

“EU heating systems are obsolete, and we need to modernize them. There is a huge potential for renewable energies and jobs creation there.” said Mr Ristori during its intervention.

The higher education institute CIFE (Centre International de Formation Européenne) organised a lunch time meeting on November 6th. As the European Commission Director General of the DG ENER, Dominique Ristori, was the event’ guest speaker, the main topic debated was the energy transition.

Solar Heat Europe participated to the discussions broaching the multisector approach needed to achieve EU climate targets, and the importance of renewable energy sources in this context. Quality and durability of clean energy were the keywords as Mr Ristori stressed during the event. In addition, Mr Ristori added that the energy sector should aim for a total phase out of fossil fuels to reach a fully decarbonised energy mix by 2050.

Solar Heat Europe was glad to bring the relevance of heating and cooling into the discussions, and Mr Ristori supported the need for a modernised heating and cooling system, highlighting the huge potential of renewables in this sector. After an overview on the status of energy in Europe, the Director General concluded by stating that the energy transition is happening in Europe, and worldwide – since around 160 countries already set targets for renewable and energy efficiency –, but that the energy sector needs to inform properly EU citizens to make it even more effective.

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