Ambienete Magazine – Energy Label of Heating Systems starts a new stage – Portuguese

Ambienete Magazine – Energy Label of Heating Systems starts a new stage – Portuguese

Three years after the entry into force of the heating energy label, the system label is slowly taking over the market, as the Label Pack A + project ends , which sought to facilitate the implementation of energy labeling of water heaters, water heaters and combined solutions in six European countries, representatives of this European initiative take stock of the implementation of these regulations.

“As a label that considers for the first time the energy efficiency of a solution that combines several products, the label of European heating systems is significantly more complex than the other labels already established in the market, which is why its implementation has not been done progressively, “says Pedro Dias, Secretary General of Solar Heat Europe / ESTIF. He added that “more work is needed with installers to issue and present the information on the energy label to the final consumer, who is still unaware of the existence of such more specialized information on heating systems.”

During the Label Pack A + project, many actions were developed in the six participating countries, from information sessions for professionals and public in general, training actions dedicated to installers and professionals in the area of ​​heating to the development of online tools for the easy labeling of heating systems and materials to support labeling regulations. The three-year project has also brought together suggestions for improved regulation and market implementation that have been passed to the European Commission to support the revision of the warming regulations that has already begun.

Joana Fernandes, project manager for the ADENE- Energy Agency, “makes a positive assessment of this system label, stressing the need to continue working with the various agents of the market chain, so that the added value of this tool to be better utilized by professionals and also recognized by the final consumer when deciding to purchase new heating systems. ” In particular, the effort to consider renewable technologies, in particular solar thermal systems, in the overall efficiency of the heating system is a worthy investment which must be made in the market so that the renewable source. This bet must reflect on the experience of these three years for these systems to be properly considered in the energy label and this can assert itself in the heating market as a decisive element. ” concludes Joana Fernandes.

In addition to evaluating the implementation of heating energy labeling regulations and identifying potential improvements, the consortium strengthened the communication through social media aimed at the final consumer. Also the calculation and emission tool of the systems energy label has been revised and improved to facilitate the professional experience. With all available resources, namely the online tool, also giving continuity to cooperation with the Solar Keymark Network .

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