PRESS RELEASE – Package label implementation reaching a new stage.

PRESS RELEASE – Package label implementation reaching a new stage.

European project ‘Labelpack A+’ dedicated to the implementation of the package label, supported by Horizon 2020 reaches its end. The project provided a comprehensive set of information on energy efficiency labels for space and water heaters for manufacturers, dealers, installers and end users. All these stakeholders are supported with the issuing of the package label, more specifically through the project’s website. Good news arises: the website and the calculation tool, which creates labels, will remain operational beyond the project ending.

Berlin / Brussels, July 31, 2018 – Almost three years after the introduction of a new European Energy Efficiency Label, the package label makes its way slowly into the market. At the moment of the closing of this project, which aimed to facilitate the introduction of the energy efficiency label for heaters, water heaters and combinations in six European countries, the representatives of this European initiative, take stock of the new regulations’ implementation for packages of space and water heaters, compulsory since September 2015.

“As a label, which for the first time, rates combined heating systems of various components in their energy efficiency, the EU heating label is significantly more complex than previous, well-known efficiency labels for single products,” says Pedro Dias, Secretary General of Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF. “Unfortunately, the complexity has also been reflected in the acceptance of the label by craftsmen and customers. It has not yet been in demand to the extent we had originally expected.”

Therefore, the project, which carried out numerous information events and installer trainings, developed online tools and created materials for the professionals and the general public, also focused on suggestions for improvements of the label and its deployment.

Carsten Körnig, Chief Executing Officer the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar), concludes the project with mixed feelings: “It is certainly true that a new label needs time to gain a foothold in the market. Up to now, however, the efforts of industry and installers have clearly outweighed the advantages. Consumers are struggling with the many pieces of information provided by the different labels, “says Körnig. “Experience of manufacturers, installer representatives, public institutions in Germany and consumer advocates were thus collected and conveyed to the European Commission to be considered in future revision of the legislation. Until then, however, many companies in the Solar heating industry even work on establishing their own label, as their technology has not been considered sufficiently, yet. ”

In the last months of the project, in addition to a comprehensive evaluation of the label and the identification of possible improvements, information was once again communicated via social media and news outlets to better reach customers and installers. In addition, the label calculation tool for the package, available in five languages, has been updated and its application improved. This tool will continue to be available in the future, also continuing a standing cooperation with the Solar Keymark Network.

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Information for editors:

LabelPack A+

The LabelPack A + project was funded under the EU Horizon2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant No. 649904. It was implemented by eleven partner organisations in six EU countries. IT supported the introduction of energy efficiency labelling for heating systems, water heaters and combined systems. The project coordinator was Solar Heat Europe.

Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF

Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF’s mission is to achieve high priority and acceptance for solar heat as a key element for sustainable heating and cooling in Europe and to work for the implementation of all necessary steps to realise the high potential of solar heat. With around 50 members in Europe, Solar Heat Europe represents directly or indirectly over 90% of the industry, across the value chain. Solar Heat Europe also ensures that solar heat technology develop and grow in Europe through different actions such as providing information and statistics on the sector or by advocating for better regulation or encouraging the EU policy makers to shape a favourable environment for heating and cooling technology.


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BSW-Solar Contact:
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