Solar heat industry workshop: Next generation of CEN TC312 Standards

Solar heat industry workshop: Next generation of CEN TC312 Standards

On the 7th of June 2018, Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF, in cooperation with CEN/TC312, will host in Brussels a workshop dedicated to the topic “Next generation of CEN TC312 Standards”. This workshop will reflect on the achievements in terms of standardisation and certification over the last decades and debate what are the current and future needs of the sector that shall be reflected in terms of a strategy for the standardisation and certification activities of the sector in the coming years.

It is clear that standardisation and certification activities are a relevant investment for companies in our sector. These activities are an important factor for the competitiveness of these industries in several markets, in Europe and beyond. And they are increasingly relevant with regard to existing regulations emanating from Brussels, such as energy labelling or energy performance of buildings. Furthermore, with such regulations, these standards are not only relevant with regard to the competition within our sector but also in the framework of the competition between different heating and cooling technologies.

Therefore it is of paramount importance that industry experts participate in this workshop, providing their opinion and the future challenges and also the shortcomings and advantages of standardisation and certification activities. This workshop will be followed by a CEN/TC312 meeting on the 8th of June, also in Brussels.

Please register here before the 23rd May.

You can find more information about the workshop here, including the draft agenda.  In case you have any questions please contact the Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF secretariat: [email protected]

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