The 34th Solar Keymark Network meeting

The 34th Solar Keymark Network meeting

On the 14th and 15th of March, the 34th Solar KEYMARK Network meeting will take place online, hosted by Solar Heat Europe. The SKN meeting will address different topics such as the SKN Database, the transition to the new standards, and the approval of the recommendations for the next SCF call.

Ahead of the SKN meeting, two preparatory meetings of the ESTESC subgroup on Certification will be organized. One of the meetings took place on February 20th, to give direct feedback to the Solar Keymark meeting agenda, and the second one will take place before the SKN meeting, to discuss relevant topics for the network. In case you are interested in joining the ESTESC meeting, please Contact us at the following email address:

Furthermore, the SKN will have its 20th anniversary this year, and an event will be held to celebrate this milestone. We will keep you updated in the upcoming months.

For more information about the SKN and the upcoming meeting please visit the Solar Keymark Network website.

Solar Heat Europe members interested in standardisation & certification activities are invited to visit the dedicated section in the “Member’s Area”.

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