Heating Appliance Retrofit Planning (HARP) project coming to an end

Heating Appliance Retrofit Planning (HARP) project coming to an end

The European project ‘HARP’ (Heating Appliance Retrofit Planning) through which Solar Heat Europe has been raising awareness on planned replacement, energy transition, and renewable energy solutions since 2019 is soon coming to an end.

During the three years of the project, the consortium saw the energy label as the most effective tool to communicate with consumers and demonstrate the benefits of replacing their inefficient heating appliances. Focusing on space heating, water heaters and combi appliances, the HARP consortium defined energy labelling methodologies to classify existing heating appliances.

Furthermore, HARP developed an online tool to allow consumers and professionals to label their existing heating appliances and check the most efficient replacement opportunities on the market. This tool met the project’s objective of motivating over 10,000 replacements.

Joana Fernandes, HARP project coordinator, said:

After three years the HARP project is sharing its thoughts and insights on how we can support the decarbonisation of the heating sector. The timing could not be more pressing: climate change and energy independence are at the top of the EU’s agenda. But to address these challenges, we need to involve consumers. HARP showed how energy labelling can empower households to make the best and most sustainable decisions.’

HARP is a project funded by the European Union through the Horizon 2020 framework, focusing on five EU countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal) and replicated in Greece and Poland.

On July 1st, at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort in Milan, the partners organised an event presenting the result of the project, the methodology, and the tools developed during the project to the public. The event involved different organisations (Consumers’ associations, service provides, energy agencies, industry, etc.) and closed officially the cycle of the project.

For more information regarding the HARP tool please use the following link: HARPa

For more information regarding the project connect on the following website.

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