Solar Heat Europe welcomes Naked Energy as its new member

Solar Heat Europe welcomes Naked Energy as its new member

Heat is half of the energy consumed in Europe, making its decarbonisation crucial for climate goals. Direct renewable heat solutions like solar heat represent the way for a faster and more affordable energy transition in the heating & cooling sector.

At Solar Heat Europe, we strive for the growth of solar heat solutions in Europe, and we do that together with our members. We are thrilled to welcome a new member, Naked Energy, a dynamic and innovative start-up from the UK that is revolutionising solar heat technologies for commercial and industrial consumers. We welcome Naked Energy into our network and we are looking forward to more impactful activities meant to maximise solar heat’s potential!

About Naked Energy:

Naked Energy is a British design and engineering business, leading the global innovation in solar thermal and solar PVT with a mission to change energy for good. The business has set out to decarbonise heating and cooling globally, and so support the transition to net zero carbon. Naked Energy’s high energy density solutions are capable to decarbonise heat affordably given their distributed nature, and its solar PVT technology delivers up to 3.5 times the energy per m2 in comparison to conventional solar electricity or PV technology.

‘’We’ve been impressed with the work of Solar Heat Europe, their insights, and the role they’ve played in the industry over the years. Naked Energy is excited to become a member and work closely with their fantastic team on accelerating solar heat in all its forms across Europe.’’ – Christophe Williams, Co-Founder and CEO of Naked Energy

Learn more about Naked Energy:

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