Save the date – In June we meet in Brussels for the 30th anniversary events

Save the date – In June we meet in Brussels for the 30th anniversary events

Solar Heat Europe is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, marking an important milestone for the whole European solar thermal industry. Solar Heat Europe (SHE) is the common place and the voice of the sector, promoting cooperation of its stakeholders and defending its interest in Brussels.

Heat decarbonisation in the spotlight

To mark this important event, we aim to celebrate past achievements, but more importantly, to look at future steps and how the solar thermal sector can play a key role in the energy transition, lowering emissions, and finally, achieving net-zero in 2050.

The decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector is crucial for the EU’s carbon neutrality plans, as heat is half of the energy demand in Europe. While the importance of heat decarbonisation might be acknowledged on some level, we strongly believe the efforts to make it happen in a timely manner need to be dramatically increased. Member States need to do more and make proper use of the solutions already available and proven, such as solar thermal.

In this context, the European solar heat sector is ready to bring heat decarbonisation into the spotlight during 2022, as well as to showcase the potential of solar heat for a faster transition and a more sustainable future.

SAVE THE DATE | High-Level Event & Exhibition in Brussels

To pursue these goals, Solar Heat Europe is planning a High-Level Policy Event – Heat decarbonisation: a strategic imperative for the EU  – meant to promote discussion between EU and national policymakers, solar thermal representatives, as well as industry and cities representatives. The event will be organised jointly with a Solar Heat Exhibition. The High-Level event and Exhibition will take place on June 20th from 14:00 to 18:00 at Renaissance Hotel Brussels.

We invite you to save the date and stay tuned as the registration will open soon.

Joining efforts with solar thermal actors

The celebration is also an opportunity for the European solar heat sector to come together and join efforts for a stronger impact. As such, we launched a call for partners and we are thrilled to announce the solar thermal players that answered the call and are joining forces with Solar Heat Europe to strengthen efforts for heat decarbonisation with a massive deployment of solar thermal solutions.

More info about the anniversary can be found on the recently launched webpage below

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