Energising Europe with Solar Heat – A solar thermal roadmap for Europe

Energising Europe with Solar Heat – A solar thermal roadmap for Europe

The energy crisis and the war in Ukraine have shown Europe that a faster deployment of renewables is imperative for energy security and climate goals. The energy debate at the European and national levels is a lively one and #SolarHeat must be part of it.

To build on Solar Heat Europe’s contribution to the EU Solar Strategy launched by the European Commission this week and aiming for stronger support for solar thermal in the upcoming years, we launched ‘Energising Europe with Solar Heat – A Solar Thermal Roadmap for Europe‘.

The solar thermal sector and its supporters are invited to become official signatories of the document. More than 100 entities have already shown support for the initiative and became signatories.

We must speak louder as a sector, and we must do it together!

As previously done with the Solar Thermal Industry Pledge in 2020, we aim to join forces with the entire European solar thermal sector and bring visibility to the potential of solar heat and its role in the energy transition.

The Solar Thermal Roadmap is part of the overarching campaign started in relation to Solar Heat Europe’s 30th anniversary. The anniversary represents an opportunity to celebrate the past, but more importantly, to look into the future at the next steps needed for solar heat to grow at full potential. And the roadmap is part of these efforts through which we strive for increased recognition from decision-makers.

The showcasing activities around the roadmap will roll out in May and June and will lead up to the High-Level Policy Event we are organising in Brussels on June 20th. The roadmap will be presented and discussed during the High-Level Event, where we want to promote a dialogue between politicians, representatives from our sector, industry, and cities representatives.

Note: The current version of the roadmap available on the website is not the final version of the document. Solar Heat Europe together with its members is working on improving the document visually.

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