Highlights from the Solar Keymark Network 30th meeting

Highlights from the Solar Keymark Network 30th meeting

The Solar Keymark Network 30th meeting took place online on March 15th – 16th and was hosted by Solar Heat Europe. The two-day agenda included different relevant topics for the network and facilitated the conversations and decisions needed for the next part of the year. One of the highlights of the meeting was the election of the chairman, and Andreas Bohren was reappointed on this role with its chairmanship continuing until 2024.

The Solar Certification Fund was another topic on the agenda of the meeting and the SKN approved the funding recommendations for the 12th call that was launched last year. Besides the funding recommendations for the last call, updates on several projects that were already financed by the Solar Certification Fund and are currently running were presented to the network.

The access to the Solar Keymark Database was also tackled, informing the network that the automated access was regulated and simplified to address every specific case. More than that, a new procedure to control the consistency and possible issues of the licenses in the Solar Keymark Database, called Expedite Check Procedure, has been approved.

Regarding the financing of the network and following up on some concerns from Solar Heat Europe’s members to clarify the invoicing process, a new proposal to regulate the collection of the fees has been explained and approved, and the new timeline will be implemented from 2021.

Updates on standardization topics related to CEN/TC312 and its liaison officers, as well as on the ongoing working groups within SKN were also presented during the SKN 30th meeting.

The next meeting of the Solar Keymark Network is planned for September 21-22, 2021.

About Solar Keymark Network:

This network promotes the development of the Solar Keymark quality label and its scheme rules. It is also an important exchange experience for entities dealing with the Solar Keymark testing and certification.

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