A farewell to Irene

A farewell to Irene

Solar Heat Europe’s Secretariat has always been formed by a small team, and one of the advantages of small teams is that everyone has the chance to express more its own ideas, ways of working and bring a unique impact on the organisation’s evolution. The strong dynamic you get in this type of team, makes it also harder to say goodbye to people when they leave.

This is also the case of our colleague Irene, as she will leave Solar Heat Europe at the end of the month, embarking on a new professional journey in Brussels.

More than a farewell to Irene, this is a celebration of her work and achievements in the past three years. Irene is a great professional, dedicated to her work, creative, and resourceful, always looking for solutions and ways to make things work despite challenges she might encounter. She is also a great teammate, inspiring the people around her and taking the lead when necessary, all assets that we will miss in our team at SHE.

In a recent online meeting to prepare an event, Irene mentioned she joined the association almost three years ago, and one of our members said that he does not remember a ‘Solar Heat Europe without Irene’. And that perfectly reflects the impact she brought to the association and to the solar thermal sector.

In the past three years, Irene took over different activities of the Secretariat, primarily on policy, striving for a better position of solar thermal solutions and renewable heating and cooling in the European and national energy conversations. She represented our association and the sector in multiple events, alliances, or platforms, being an advocate for sustainable energy, renewable heating and cooling solutions, and solar thermal technology.

It was a great pleasure to work with her and we wish her the best of luck in the next step, where she will continue contributing to a better and more sustainable world with her expertise in policy for renewable heating and cooling solutions.

In bocca al lupo!

Pedro, Leopoldo e Alexandra

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