Editorial – Joining forces for solar heat in the next two years

Editorial – Joining forces for solar heat in the next two years

Dear Members,

Climate and Energy are among the most dominant factors in our society. Electrification of energy is the highway for the transition to a zero-carbon future. Heat pumps and hydrogen are employed to address the electrification of heat and to deal with the excess of electricity production by the PV and wind parks of the future.

To increase the possibility to succeed that, we must reduce the size of the task imposed by wild electrification. Direct heat renewables, like solar thermal, can contribute significantly to a more cost effective and realistic solution, easier to be applied. By integrating solar thermal solutions in smart sector coupling, the users get more involved and enjoy direct benefits.

Solar thermal technologies that are already in the market, can cover a broad range of applications such as domestic hot water, space heating and cooling, and industrial process heat. It can be combined with different solutions, while progressively cover higher shares of heat demand, enhanced by developments such as digitalization.

In the last two years, we worked very successfully on

  • Energy Labeling, developing The Simplified Method, making it possible to apply a fair label for solar thermal.
  • The Pledge, coordinating National Associations and companies under the same cause for a Green Recovery.
  • Task Forces, dedicated to technology segments like Solar District Heating (SDH), Solar Heat for Industrial Process (SHIP), and Photovoltaic-Thermal (PVT), to develop proper information material and promotion strategy.

Teamwork, market engagement, as well as technical experts engagement will represent the way to follow in the next two years.

To amplify our message, that solar thermal is a very important factor in the future energy system and push forward our proposals, we need a more dynamic communication strategy and new partnerships.

Thanks to the committed team in Brussels and to the plurality and enthusiasm of our new board, I believe that we will succeed.

We are counting on your support and contribution!

Costas Travasaros, President of Solar Heat Europe

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