New support scheme in Greece sets the ground for solar thermal development in the country

New support scheme in Greece sets the ground for solar thermal development in the country

The Greek Government has pre-announced a revision of the successful program for energy savings in residential buildings. This program will start in November 2020 and will offer substantial support to the improvement of energy efficiency and renewables in residential buildings.

The support is sizeable, as it can go from 55%-85% depending on the families’ income, with an additional 10% eligible for lignite dependent areas.

The Greek Solar Industry Association (EBHE), and in particular its President Mr. Efthimios Spanos, has been discussing this program with the Government and managed a rather positive outcome for solar thermal.

Under the category “Hot water heaters” only solar thermal and heat pumps are included. For solar thermal three categories of systems are covered: domestic hot water (DHW), either with thermosiphon or pump circulated systems, and combi-systems (DHW and space heating).

One of the highlights of this regulation is that it clearly states that solar thermal systems for domestic hot water preparation are obligatory for all eligible residential building in case it is not yet installed and unless there is a relevant impediment to the installation of such systems.

The maximum eligible amount varies depending on the type of system:

  • Thermosiphon (depending on storage volume) ranges from €1 000 to €1 500;
  • Forced circulation for domestic hot water can go up to 3.000 € for a single-family-house and up to €6 000 for collective systems (multifamily);
  • Combi-systems can go up to € 10 000 for a single-family house and up to €25 000 multifamily systems.

The expectations regarding this program are quite positive, with an estimated 60 000 families expected to install a solar thermal system under this specific program, during 2021.

This programme is innovative in setting a clear obligation for a subsidized energy renovation and will support the Greek solar thermal industry in their quest to continue being a front runner in the solar thermal sector worldwide while safeguarding an open market for products from other countries, based on the European Energy Labelling requirements.

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