Solar heat for cooling in Graz

Solar heat for cooling in Graz

Double use of solar thermal energy

The solar thermal collectors were installed on an additional roof above the parking garage of the Austrian company AVL List GmbH in Graz. The collectors provide both process for conditioning of test benches and space heating for the offices, with an average of total solar yield of 600 MWh/year. The buffer tank is used to storage solar heat and help to balance the load and reduce district heating peaks load. This additional roof is also helpful to protect the building from the snow.

We talked about this case during our webinar on smart sector integration.

Collectors area: 1585 m2

Type of collectors: double-glazed collectors (SOLID GmbH)

Storage: 70 m3

Energy savings: 240 tonnes of CO2 savings per year

Other energy sources: district heating (natural gas)

Installation year: 2017

Location: Austria

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