Scandic Hotel Lerkendal

Scandic Hotel Lerkendal

Energy efficient hotel in Norway 

The Scandic Hotel Lerkendal in Norway was built with a strong focus on environment and energy efficiency. With a total area of 10 000 m2 and 400 rooms, the hotel manages to be ranked as an Energy class A++ building (maximum delivered energy of 50 kWh/m2/year). Energy efficiency measures were applied to the building’s structure, and the heating and hot water demand is supplied by different renewable energy sources, including a solar thermal system covering half of the annual demand.

Collectors area: 350 m2

Type of collectors: flat plate (SGP Varmeteknikk AS)

Storage: 4×5 000 L tanks

Other energy sources: air-to-water heat pump, waste heat from the refrigeration system, district heating network

Installation year: 2014

Location: Norway

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