Joint action for the future of the LIFE programme

Joint action for the future of the LIFE programme

The European programme LIFE focuses on biodiversity and environmental protection projects, but its next period (2021-2027) will also cover broader actions such as renewable energy and energy efficiency. This future edition will be a great opportunity for our industry and for the decarbonisation of the European economy.

With other associations and NGOs representing European cities, regions, businesses and experts across the renewable energy and energy efficiency value chains, we reach out to the European Commission and the members of the LIFE Committee to discuss the co-financing rate of Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) projects on sustainable energy. In order for our members and organisations to keep on contributing to this programme and to the achievement of the Green Deal objectives, it is essential to raise the co-financing rate above 80% and as close to 100% as possible.

Clean energy projects will also support local communities, create jobs, improve air quality and alleviate energy poverty.


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