A successful energy transition through the Green Deal

A successful energy transition through the Green Deal

The European Commission is working on its ambitious Green Deal with the aim of achieving a successful energy transition. To better understand the issues at stake, the Jacques Delors Institute organised an event focusing on the synergies of social aspects and innovation.

On February 6th, the Jacques Delors institute hosted an event that brought together representatives from the EU institutions, civil society, stakeholders, and academics to discuss two crucial aspects of the Green Deal: social justice and innovation. In order to achieving a successful energy transition, the EU must invest in new and existing technologies, but also needs to include its citizens.

Pascal Lamy, president emeritus of the institute, opened the discussion which was followed by keynote speeches from Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit and Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel.

The discussion touched upon several issues and was followed by an open debate. Speakers and participants stressed the necessity of addressing specific points before launching a complete strategy, among which:

  • The inclusion in the Just Transition fund of a dedicated budget to re-train workers from the fossil fuels industries
  • Investing significantly in the renovation of buildings and households to achieve energy efficiency, and increase the investment flow for research and innovation
  • Fighting against energy poverty all over Europe and support the decarbonisation target for 2050 with a carbon border adjustment and a European carbon tax

About the EU Green Deal

The Green Deal is the high-level frame to develop a new growth strategy to make Europe the first carbon neutral continent in 2050. Therefore, its policies and provisions will deeply affect the European Union and its Member States for the next 30 years. In this context, while innovation can lead the path to sustainability, it is also important to emphasize that clean, renewable and affordable technologies are already available and effective today.

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