Keymark Workshop outcomes

Keymark Workshop outcomes

After the Solar Keymark campaign for a more active and committed European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the Solar Keymark,  with the collaboration of the other main keymarks (Heat Pump and Insulation), reached the first milestone with the Keymark Workshop held on the 22nd of October.

This marks the start of a good cooperation between the different Keymark scheme groups, to raise awareness of public authorities and policy makers, improve our marketing strategy and think about the future of the keymarks.

The meeting had the participation of the Head of Keymark Management Organisation (KMO), Sören Scholz from DIN CERTCO – German Certification Body, that explained the overall Keymak functioning, its history and highlighted the process for the creation of a certificate.

Andreas Bohren, Chairman of the Solar Keymark Network, was in charge of presenting the Solar Keymark. He stressed its transparency “since the beginning the Solar Keymark decided to publish every document, everyone can access them on the Solar Keymark Network website”.

Bohren also highlighted the commitment because “the Solar Keymark is now recognised all over EU and outside EU (South America, China, MENA etc.)” this required a hard work with Public and National Authorities. He finished the presentation with the last update on the new functionality of the Keymark Database that simplifies the energy labelling process, which enables to download the declaration for ErP/EPBD in the “Regulatory” tab.

During the Solar Keymak presentation the participants discussed about the “complaint regulation”, SKN already adopted measures to regulate the matter for itself

The next presentation was about the Heat Pump Keymark. Francesca Corazza from the European Heat Pumps Association (EHPA). She pointed out the good results of the Heat Pump Keymark because even though it is active since 2016 there are 600 certificates. Corazza said that they are working to be fully recognised in the EU. Currently is Heat Pump Keymark is fully accepted in France, Germany, and Slovakia.

At the end of the morning session, Piet Vitse and Roland Schreiner, chairpersons of the Insulation Keymark, presented the first Keymark created in 2002 for Technical insulation. Along the years it has passed through a lot of transformation until 2016. And actually, comprehends one set of rules for all thermal insulation products.

After the lunch break Sören Scholz retook the session by showing the new CEN website and database and introducing the discussion on the challenges for CE-Marketing and Energy Labelling. Some of the main points were:

  • Ensure fair competition between the products
  • How to integrate CE-Marking and Energy Labelling with the Keymark
  • The role of Notified Bodies vs. accredited Third Parties
  • Workshop organization for authorities: present all the benefits of Keymark certification in 5 selected (the authorities and including Certification Bodies, Test Labs with all the benefits of KEYMARK certification)

Conclusions and next steps

The participants agreed that CEN should commit more for the all Keymarks and contact public authorities and member states. The Keymarks will push for a better regulation regarding Complaints (Section 4 of CEN regulation).

If your interested in further discussing this issue within Solar Heat Europe, please contact our Secretariat:

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