Joint Letter to Mr Timmermans on the role of renewable heat in the European Green Deal

Joint Letter to Mr Timmermans on the role of renewable heat in the European Green Deal

Read our letter to Mr Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission, outlining key requirements to make the European Green Deal sustainable, inclusive and effective.

Find below the main asks of the letter sent to Mr Timmermans from Solar Heat Europe, EGEC and Bioenergy Europe. Click here to read the complete letter by The European Parliament and Commission received an overwhelming mandate in May 2019 to solve the climate crisis, deliver inclusive growth whilst implementing a fair and just transition for regions, communities, citizens and industry. The European Green Deal is the means through which these demands are realised.

The climate crisis already costs Europeans dearly. In 2017, the cost of extreme weather-related damages cost €283 billion according to the European Environment Agency. That same year the EU spent €266 billion importing fossil fuels. Displacing this fossil fuel demand with domestic renewable electricity, heating, cooling and storage solutions coupled with broad energy savings measures and support for innovative technologies is key for success.

The European Green Deal must develop this green, innovative, sustainable and inclusive economy by:

  • Replacing fossil heat consumption in the EU by 2030
  • Ending fossil consumption and infrastructure subsidies by 2022
  • Applying the polluter pays principle
  • Revisiting renewable heat, electricity and energy savings targets with the climate target
  • Increase technical and financing capacity building for local and regional governments
  • Maximising sustainable domestic resources as solar thermal, geothermal and bioenergy
  •  Increasing innovation for enabling tools

Read more in the full letter

If your interested in further discussing this issue within Solar Heat Europe, please contact our Secretariat:

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