European elections: Call for Action for Climate

European elections: Call for Action for Climate

Climate change has been ruling the media headlines in recent months, and is increasingly being reported on as one of the most important issues of our time. It is also very likely going to be one of the hottest topics in the public debate ahead of the European elections taking place on 23-26th May 2019.

MEP candidates are likely to speak up on an issue ranked as a top concern for many of their voters, especially in West European and Nordic countries. Many are expected to respond to the recent breakthrough public mobilization against climate inaction.

To make the best use of this opportunity, ahead of the European elections, Solar Heat Europe has joined Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe’s initiative to launch a media campaign to promote a call for action directed at European decision makers. The objective is to channel the momentum for more climate action created by the public mobilization into the debate on the European elections and to translate the generic call for more climate action into specific demands towards the current and future EU decision makers.

The call for action, a central element of the campaign, will be supported by major stakeholders from across Europe and a cross section of the European economy, demonstrating the breadth and depth of public support for more climate action. We would like this call to be supported by the biggest stakeholder coalition possible. It will be signed by NGOs, businesses, trade unions, local governments, scientists, communities affected by climate change, youth organisations and celebrities.

Solar Heat Europe has endorsed this Call for Action as the European industry association for the sector, but we encourage our members to sign as individual organisations or businesses as well – the more the better. In terms of workload, it is only required to endorse the Call for Action by completing this online form (and provide your logo), where you will find a link to the final document as well. Please do so by the 1st of May. If you have a Twitter account, you are also welcome to share the material CAN Europe publishes.

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