Brescia Settegiorni – Check the heating system in spring – Italian

Brescia Settegiorni – Check the heating system in spring – Italian

Right now that temperatures allow us not to use them, it is good to pay more attention to the heat sources of our homes.

Check the heating system in spring: there is a reason. Maybe the weather and average temperatures are not exactly what you expect from spring, but one thing is certain. The installationsheating systems have long since been extinguished in all homes. Consequently, even in our thoughts, boilers, stoves and related have retired: see you in October or late autumn, when it will be necessary to use them. However it is important not to completely lose sight of your heating system. This period, in which it is off, can become fundamental to improve its efficiency, to evaluate it and to intervene if appropriate. In this way, major problems are limited: what would you do in case of a boiler failure during the winter months? Staying in the cold is certainly not one of our daily aspirations.

Check the heating system, a question of portfolios

If you are less fatalistic you can instead turn the question on the wallet: the domestic plant weighs in fact on the cost of the bill. If it is efficient and fully operational, it will certainly save and even limit polluting emissions, generating a gain from the “green” point of view. What are the reasons to do? First of all a question that can be asked is: “Will it be the right time to change the plant?”. If the answer is yes, the hesitations may be pushed out, perhaps linked to the replacement for the replacement: by changing, for example, a gas boiler with a condensation boiler, it is possible to recover the heat dispersed by the traditional system. Here is therefore a savings in spending, which with the passage of time can go to amortize or even absorb the investment.

The alternatives

The same thing can also be done using a radiant panel heating system. There are also many other assessments that it is good to do in this period: a possible change in your system is good that it is done in the spring. For example, you can think of the possibility of generating energy: translated means integrating a solar thermal system into your heating system. Then there are the heat pumps, a more than good alternative to fuels. And then there are the hybrid systems, in which the gas boiler coexists with the heat pump or the pellet stove. We could continue indefinitely.

Check Your Heating

The “Check Your Heating”, launched by LabelPackA + (a project coordinated by Solar Heat Europe that takes place in the framework of Horizon 2020, the European Union program for research and innovation) is also worth mentioning: yes it is a campaign aimed at increasing the knowledge of energy labeling for heating systems, providing the necessary information to consumers and installers. Among its objectives is to promote preventive controls that allow you to check if the installed plant is in good health. And therefore to intervene when there are favorable conditions, having the necessary time. In this way we try to help consumers to take full advantage of energy labeling, making more efficient choices.

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