Minato – Soluções de energia – Two years of heating energy label – Portuguese

Minato – Soluções de energia – Two years of heating energy label – Portuguese

Two years after the entry into force of the regulations that oblige the energy labeling of heating systems and sanitary water, how will the Portuguese market adapt to change?

The energy label for products and systems for environmental and water heating has entered into force two years ago and has brought a number of novelties in the context of mandatory energy labeling. First of all, the use of the energy label in markets not yet familiar with this instrument to promote energy efficiency, namely the market for combustion equipment and solar thermal. It has also brought a unique newness that is the energy label of systems, which goes beyond the already familiar product label. The system energy label classifies heating solutions consisting of more than one product, such as a boiler and a solar thermal system, introducing the renewable heating production component into the overall efficiency rating of the system.

With this consideration of the renewable component in the evaluation of the energy class, it is allowed that systems using solar thermal equipment reach the higher energy classifications, between A + and A +++, thus highlighting the role that renewable energies play in heating systems and economic, energy and environmental benefits.

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